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Luta Livre is a wrestling based martial art.

In contrast to wrestling, to submit the opponent, through lever or strangle techniques, is the declared goal.

Luta Livre was founded around 1920 in Brazil by Euclyde's "Tatu" Hatem.
Tatu was a well known catch wrestler in his time.
He further developed catch wrestling to compete in the so-called Vale Tudo fights, which were and still are very popular in Brazil.
Thus the origin of the Luta Livre can clearly be traced back to catch wrestling.

Luta Livre was originally a system based on power and very raw techniques, which was very effective in combat.
Meanwhile, mainly due to the influence of Carlos Brunocilla, the founder of Modern Luta Livre, Luta Livre has matured into a highly technical sport.
Carlos Brunocila, as well as his father Fausto, were Tatu's students. Carlos had the greatest influence on the development of Modern Luta Livre. His school in Rio de Janeiro was the source of most of today's famous fighters and teachers.

Daniel D'Dane, a pupil of Eugenio Tadeu, one of the most famous Luta Livre fighters and pupil of Carlos Brunocila, brought the Luta Livre to Germany, where it is pushed by his pupils Andreas "Andyconda" Schmidt, Mike Cüpper and Armin Eslami and many more.

Flavio "Peroba" Santiago, student of Carlos Brunocilla, moved to France at the beginning of 2000 to teach the Luta Livre.
Since 2013 Flavio has been the teacher of our trainer Jean-Claude Capanna, to whom he awarded the Black Belt at Luta Livre in June 2016.

Thus Jean-Claude "Jaycee" is the first black belt under Flavio in Germany.

Jean-Claude "Jaycee" Capanna founded the FSTeam JCC, to which more and more new schools at home and abroad are joining to learn the Luta Livre from him and Flavio Santiago.