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In 2004 Jean-Claude attended an MMA seminar with Erik Paulson. Fascinated by the fighting possibilities that arose in MMA and Grappling, it was clear to him that from now on he wanted to deal intensively with them.

Directly after the seminar, he looked for suitable training possibilities to add grappling to his Muay Thai, JKD & Kali training.
He gained his first Grappling experiences in the BJJ with Thomas Holtmann, but decided after a short time to try it with Luta Livre. The training with Thomas was great, he didn't like the GI very much ;-).

Jean-Claude has been doing weight training since the age of 16 and has always been a fan of wrestling.

Luta Livre was not very widespread in Germany at that time, so he decided at the end of 2005 to start his first training group in Mülheim an der Ruhr.

His number of students grew steadily and quickly, and as a logical consequence he opened his first martial arts school in August 2006.
Since then Jean-Claude has established himself as a successful trainer.

For some time now Jean-Claude has also been a sought-after speaker for Luta Livre and MMA seminars. He often travels across Germany and Europe to pass on his Luta Livre.

In June 2017 Jean-Claude was awarded the black belt by Flavio Santiago.

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