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You want to teach Luta Livre? Do you want to start a new Luta Livre group and bring it forward, or do you want to build it up in an existing gym/club?

Would you like to start MMA training, expand your course plan with MMA?
You still lack the ground fighting skills to train or teach MMA?
Then our Instructor Program is the right one for you!

The 6 modules of our Assistant Instructor training:

Modul 1-5 Basic Seminars

The contents of the Basic Seminars can be found here

Module 6: Theoretical Basics and Examination

In the sixth module you will learn the skills necessary to set up a Luta Livre/MMA teaching unit.
This module is divided into two attendance days on a weekend.

The contents are:

Day 1 Theoretical basics

  • didactics
  • methodology
  • Insights into the history of Luta Livre
  • belt structure
  • warming
  • Strength endurance during warm-up
  • technical part
  • drills
  • spar
  • Cool down
  • team building
  • Tournament Preparation (Basics)

Day 2 Drills and exam

that day it'll be practical again.
We practice drills that help our students to work out important basics, to consolidate them and to let them become flesh and blood.
After this lesson there will be a practical test and a small theoretical exam.

With the successful completion of this last section you will receive your certificate and the official appointment as Assistant Instructor of FSTEAMS Germany under Head-Instructor Jean-Claude Capanna.

This certification is automatically recognized by our International Organization, and therefore by Flavio Santiago himself.

​​​​​​​What's the next step? How do I reach the next Instructor level?

The next Instructor levels will be assigned by Head-Instructor Jean-Claude Capanna personally.
The prerequisite is regular further training at our special seminars and instructor meetings, where further development is monitored.
In addition, the instructors are coupled in grades, three in all, to the colour belts starting from the blue belt.

Insructor Grades

INSTRUCTOR I - Prerequisite: Personal development and at least blue belt (Faixa Azul)

INSTRUCTOR II - Prerequisite: Personal development and at least violet belt (Faixa Roxa)

INSTRUCTOR III - Prerequisite: Personal Development and at least Brown Belt (Faixa Marom)

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