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Flavio Santiago Luta Livre - FSTEAMJCC
In 2012 Jean-Claude Capanna brought Flavio Santiago to Germany for the first time to hold a Luta Livre seminar with him in his sports school.
Flavio is a very successful fighter and trainer. He has already trained several national, European and world champions.
His Luta Livre style is very intelligent and extraordinary. Flavio is a Luta Livre phenomenon.

He got his black belt after only 4!! years of training. If you know how hard the criteria are in Brazil, and especially those of Carlos Brunocilla, you know that this fast career is the absolute exception.
8-12 years is the norm.

Jean-Claude and his people were very enthusiastic about Flavio, both professionally and humanly.
So it was only natural that Flavio was again invited to Jean-Claudes Gym in June 2013 to pass on his enormous knowledge there.

During the seminar Flavio and Jean-Claude spent a lot of time together and got closer.
Jean-Claude asked Flavio to become his teacher for Luta Livre in order to learn that Luta Livre was taught by someone who was taught it directly at the place of origin.
Flavio was enthusiastic about the idea. He noticed that Jean-Claude had the same enthusiasm for the Luta Livre as Flavio himself and that he had found fertile ground with his very special style in Mülheim an der Ruhr.
He also saw the potential in Jean-Claude and the rest of the team to spread his Luta Livre in Germany.

As a result, he appointed Jean-Claude as his official representative in Germany and commissioned him to found - Flavio Santiago Luta Livre Germany Team.

Flavio comes to Germany 1 - 2 times a year to train with us and is available during this time and at other times for seminars.

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