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Flavio started in late 1993 with the Luta Livre in Ilha do Governador RIO DE JANEIRO with Jorge Luiz De Souza (Tinho) and Grandmaster Carlos Alberto Brunocilla.
Carlos and his father are regarded as the pioneers of Luta Livre and have produced some great fighters and coaches.
Many of the coaches known today are students of the second, third and later generations under Carlos Brunocilla, while Flavio is a direct student.
Flavio is considered one of the best and most technical Luta Livre coaches worldwide, he got his first black belt after only 4 years of training from grandmaster Carlos Brunocilla presented.
The occasion was the Brazilian LL Championship, where all Brunocilla black belts were honoured.

Flavio is a Luta Livre phenomenon. He developed a very intelligent high-tech Luta Livre. His own successes and those of his students show that his style is something special.

In 2002 Flavio came to France to spread Luta Livre.

Meanwhile there are FSLL schools in France, Monaco, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK and Germany. More will follow soon.