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Why Basic Seminars?

Our Basic Seminar series is intended for all those who are interested in the Luta Livre, want to expand their skills in No Gi Grappling or are looking for an introduction to MMA and want to consolidate their knowledge in ground fighting. Martial artists who would like to include the Luta Livre in their course plan can start their instructor career with us.

Our basic seminars take place every 2 months, and can be supplemented by our "Special" seminars, which take place in the months between the basic seminars.

In the "Special" seminars we focus especially on topics such as Leglocks, etc.

The modules

Here you will find a list of the individual modules.

You can start at any time, as the modules are repeated continuously.

For the instructor candidates it is mandatory to pass through all 5 modules in order to be admitted to the Assistant Instructor certification.

1. The Mount Position

In this module you learn the most important basic techniques to be able to master the mount position as an attacker or as a defender. Lever- and strangle attacks and effective defenses and counters make you a strong and serious opponent for everyone.

2. The Sidemount

The Sidemount is one of the most dominant and dangerous positions in Luta Livre. Attacks from the top layer as well as from the underlay! belong to our repertoire. As well as highly effective liberation techniques, which we teach in this module.

3. the backmount and the bench position

The backmount is a very strong and dangerous position in Luta Livre and MMA. The famous stranglehold Mata Leao (portug. for lion slayer) is executed from the backmount, a position that is often taken after a takedown or after a rescue action from the ground. Here you will learn very effective techniques to get the best out of this position.

4. takedowns

Every fight starts while standing. The course of the fight is often set in a standing position. In this module you will learn the most important and effective attacks (takedowns), liberations and counter-attacks. And especially the counterattacks we teach have it in them, because they often end with a finalization of the opponent.

5. The Guard

The Guard is a wide field, because there are many Guard variants. In this module you will learn the attack and defense techniques of the most important guardvariants, which you should learn at the beginning. These are the Closed Guard, the Half Guard and the Butterfly Guard. All information about the dates of the Basic Seminar series can be found in our Event section.

Do you have further questions about our seminars or the instructor training? Then write to us and briefly formulate your questions: